Senior Financial Planner
Senior Financial Planner

David Crozier

Senior Financial Planner

David has given wealth management advice since 1994, and launched Navigator Financial Planning in 2004.  He was:

  • the first fee-based financial planner in Northern Ireland;
  • the first Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in the Province;
  • in the inaugural group of Chartered Financial Planners.

As a result, he has all the right qualifications, and a client base made up of people who are confident in his technical expertise, especially in investment and inheritance tax. David is a former Northern Ireland branch chair of the Institute of Financial Planning, and a founding member of the EBIS Group.

If you want to know where he is on a fine evening or weekend, the answer is usually fishing or sailing. He has a lifelong interest in photography (even if he’s not very good at it) and is an avid reader; fiction of all sorts, history, the Bible.

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