The Team

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    David Crozier
    David Crozier
    Senior Financial Planner
    David has given wealth management advice since 1994, and launched Navigator Financial Planning in 2004.  He was:
    • the first fee-based financial planner in Northern Ireland;
    • the first Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in the Province;
    • in the inaugural group of Chartered Financial Planners.
    As a result, he has all the right qualifications, and a client base made up of people who are confident in his technical expertise, especially in investment and inheritance tax. David is a former Northern Ireland branch chair of the Institute of Financial Planning, and a founding member of the EBIS Group. If you want to know where he is on a fine evening or weekend, the answer is usually fishing or sailing. He has a lifelong interest in photography (even if he’s not very good at it) and is an avid reader; fiction of all sorts, history, the Bible.
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    David Hanby
    David Hanby
    Financial Planning Analyst
    We hope your Navigator experience will be one that you enjoy, smooth and controlled like a swan gliding over a lake. David (aka DH) is the legs in this analogy, paddling away furiously under the surface. He writes all the research, works out the calculations, drafts the reports, accumulates all the technical knowledge to make sure that Navigator’s financial planners have the information they need to give you a great financial planning experience. When not producing cashflow-models or investment research, DH is likely to be hiking across some far-flung wilderness or skiing in the Alps, depending on the season.
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    Dale Kirkpatrick
    Dale Kirkpatrick
    Financial Planner
    Dale may be your lead financial planner, helping you understand the things that are most important to you, and making sure that you are on track to achieve them. He will be part of the team making sure that the team have all the detailed information needed to make sure that your plan is accurate, and he may conduct a lot of your ongoing regular progress meetings. Outside work Dale’s interests largely revolve around sport in general, and hockey specifically, although his past as a child actor does occasionally crop up during office banter.
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    John Sloan
    John Sloan
    Financial Planner
    John has been giving financial advice since 2007, starting his career with an international firm of Stockbrokers & Financial Advisers.  He then moved into private practice for 5 years and most recently spent 2 and a half years providing independent advice at a well-known international Bank.  He has extensive experience in providing advice and services to a wide range of clients including high net worth individuals, private banking clients, businesses, business owners, charities and trusts. John’s interests include golf, spending time with his family, coaching football, cooking – in particular perfecting his famous BBQ Ribs.
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    Harriette McKnight
    Harriette McKnight
    Client Experience Manager
    Harriette is our ‘front of house’ lady - probably the person you first speak to at Navigator, and your first point of contact on an ongoing basis. She makes sure we get everything done for our clients on time; giving them a great experience in the process. Although not strictly on her job description, Harriette is famed for her provision of a variety of exceedingly tasty baking in the Navigator office – yet another good reason to call in and see us!
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    Reggie Wallace
    Reggie Wallace
    Client Relationship Manager
    With 35 years’ experience in client relations with a financial business, Reggie is out and about, spreading the good news about financial planning in general and Navigator in particular, keeping in touch with our clients, and our network of professional connections. Reggie may be the first person you meet at Navigator and he will be part of the team supporting the financial planners to make sure you have a great experience. A dad of two kids, Reggie is also an avid Manchester United fan (which we don’t usually hold against him).
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    Frank Nolan
    Frank Nolan
    Operations Manager
    While our planning and analysis team looks after our clients, Frank looks after the running of our business. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 1990, Frank has been Chair of CIMA Ireland since June 2014 and on the board since 2011, as well as a member of the The Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB) Ireland, an umbrella group of chartered professional bodies of qualified accountants. Prior to Navigator, his Financial Control Business partner experience on Senior leadership teams included Diageo, BBCNI, NI Tourist Board and NILGOSC. Outside work, aside from spending time on the golf course and watching Ulster play rugby, Frank upholds the Navigator brand by sailing in Carlingford Lough.    
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    Gail Crozier
    Gail Crozier
    Accounts and Administration
    Gail helps ensure Navigator clients are looked after, and that the Navigator team get paid - a key role! After nearly 30 years in the banking sector, she can now be found at the front desk of the office, looking after reception, client admin and accounts. Outside work, Gail enjoys having visitors to stay, and going to the gym.  


David started Navigator in 2004 with a view to serving needs of a limited number of discerning clients, who valued his expertise, and particularly the confidence in their futures he could provide with proper financial planning.

The stories of some of those clients can be found here; time, space, and confidentiality limit what we can say about them – however, the overriding statement that can be made is that they are an honour and privilege to look after. We take pride in what we do, and in who we do it for.

Navigator was the first fee-based financial planning practice in Northern Ireland, and in the first cohort of Northern Irish firms to be accredited by the IFP. David was also the first Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in the Province and was in the inaugural group of Chartered Financial Planners, all of which demonstrates his extensive technical knowledge, especially in investments and inheritance tax. This commitment to the ongoing development of expertise, service, and experience for clients is still one of our core values – ‘Navigator will always keep looking for better ways.’

Today, there’s a lot more to Navigator than David. Since 2010 the current team has been taking shape, bringing a variety of talent to bear for our clients’ benefit. We take the view that our ‘team effort’, with specialists looking at the component parts of our client service, will always have a much greater impact than relying on generalists. This is the same view that we take with our professional connections, whose support we continue to value.

Although we only trademarked our Personal CFO proposition in January 2015, in reality this is nothing new. We’ve always existed to take care of clients’ financial affairs, letting them as the ‘Chief Executive’ get on with what they do best. Now we explain it better as well.

In Summer 2015, Navigator moved into a new Warrenpoint office, with more private client meeting rooms, more space for the team, and – of course – a beautiful view of Carlingford lough. You’d be very welcome.


This info-graphic was put together at our ten year anniversary; we’ve included it here because we still really like it – here’s to ten more years!


Why Navigator?


Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser David Crozier, Belfast

Our client satisfaction is of absolute paramount importance to us. One of the ways we get client feedback is through Vouchedfor, or The ‘TripAdvisor for professional advisors’ as it is otherwise known. We’re proud of the consistently high reviews, and the resulting awards we’ve received.


Navigator was in the first cohort of Northern Irish firms to be awarded an accreditation by the Institute of Financial Planning. The IFP assesses all Accredited Firms on an annual basis to ensure that they continue to meet the highest professional and ethical standards. You can find out more about the IFP’s accreditation criteria and process here.


The service that we offer our clients, and the competence that backs it up, have been recognised with a number of industry awards and nominations since the company was formed in 2004.



As well as our core capability as financial planners, our strengths also lie in the network of experts we can call upon in other fields. Being able to co-ordinate the specialist accountants and lawyers we work with to meet our clients’ needs allows us to remove huge amounts of hassle for everybody involved. Learn more about our professional connections here.

Professional Connections

Why are professional connections so important to Navigator?

Our network helps clients get a better service

Financial planning doesn’t exist in a vacuum – neither should financial planners. We take the view that our clients get a better service, and we have a more rounded view of the world, if we work closely with a network of professionals in related fields.


What does this network include?

Financial, legal and business support

Clients have told us they want a one-stop shop, but with the best advice. We have developed a network that gives access to technical experts in:

  • Specialist pensions advice
  • Specialist taxation advice
  • Property investing
  • Estate Planning
  • Mortgage and other finance
  • Specialist investment instruments
  • Risk insurance


Why does it work?

Increased specialisation and communication

Having one co-ordinated team drastically reduces the hassle involved. Crucially it also allows the people who are the best for the job to be brought in – why keep things in-house when there’s an expert on hand? We don’t pretend to be able to draft wills or do our clients’ tax returns – but we know plenty of people who can.



What’s in it for professional connections?

Deeper client relationships

Good financial planners know their clients’ ongoing needs. Where these have legal and accounting implications, they can be addressed in context, rather than as a mere transaction. A solicitor or accountant is able to do the essentials more easily, deliver more value, and build a better relationship through more interaction as part of the team.


What next?

Talk to us

We thoroughly enjoy the sharing of perspectives that comes with working with a solicitor, accountant or other service provider that’s at the top of their game. If you would like to work alongside us, please get in touch. We’d be happy to swap expertise, and make introductions where appropriate.

What is EBIS?

Our investment research and development group

Navigator is one of the founder members of the Evidence Based Investment Solutions (EBIS) group. EBIS was formed in 2008 by nine people who each run their own high quality independent wealth management boutiques across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, representing approximately £400 million of funds under management.


What is the purpose of EBIS?

Educating anyone who will listen about evidence-based investment

The purpose of the group is to put the case for a smarter way of investing – based on evidence from academic research around the world – and to provide a central resource for sharing our investment philosophy with a wider audience.


What motivates EBIS?

Protecting our clients and our reputation from flawed industry practices.

The investment management business in the UK continues to provide massive increases in wealth. Unfortunately, most of this is transferred from investors’ pockets to those of the fund management industry itself in the form of bonuses, commissions, fees and other expenses. EBIS members have a completely different approach.


How does EBIS function as Navigator’s investment committee?

Pooling experience and intellectual capital

In order to provide a good and consistent investment experience it is necessary to apply a structured and disciplined process to the construction of investment portfolios.

This process should consider each asset class and sub-class, examine the evidence for and against holding it, and recommend whether it is likely to add risk-adjusted return to portfolios.

Model portfolios should then be tested for the most appropriate combination of each asset class, using the latest developments in Modern Portfolio Theory. Finally, the funds available in each asset class need to be reviewed against a range of criteria, including cost and how well it fills its brief.

The EBIS investment committee’s role is to identify and present the evidence the group needs to make asset allocation and fund decisions for their clients’ portfolios. Our experience and intellectual capital are combined to produce what we believe are some of the most rigorously researched portfolios available.


How do clients benefit from EBIS?

Member firms are far more capable together than in isolation

EBIS is also an ongoing research and development organisation, meeting regularly to share best practice ideas and processes between our businesses. This co-operation allows us to gain and pass on to clients a more rounded view of Financial Planning than we would be able to as an individual firm.